Monday, January 18, 2016

Rick Springfield's Awesome Star Wars Toy Collection!

 Actor/singer Rick Springfield is best known for his "woes about not breaking the bro-code" anthem, Jessie's GirlHowever, Springfield's huge collection of vintage and modern Star Wars toys also makes him a legend among geeks.

"I've always been toy freak," Springfield confessed. The hardcore fan has a collection that includes everything from common Luke Skywalker figures to Turkish bootlegs and a "Blue Stars" model so rare that it fetches somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000.

Check out this video from Rolling Stone where the rock icon gives us a glimpse at his most treasured possessions.

To paraphrase a certain Sith Lord, "Impressive, most impressive." We here at Alter Ego Geeks want to see your Star Wars collection so feel free to post pics of it in the comments section below. 
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