Thursday, January 7, 2016

Recommended Classic Geek 'Date' Movies - A Princess Bride Free List

So my friends, you met that special someone online (hopefully from Alter Ego Geeks) and the both of you have had the prerequisite meet and greet over coffee, already went out on the official first dinner date, you're hitting off and now it's time for the invite over to watch a flick and chill.

While most of you, I'm sure, have a sweet Blu-ray collection it may be hard to pick a movie that caters to both tastes especially if you're just getting to know the other person. With that in mind, here's a list of some safe bets without including the safest one of them all, Princess Bride.


This 1985 gem is about a demon (Tim Curry) who's plan is to create eternal night by destroying the last of the unicorns and marrying a fairy princess (Mia Sara) is opposed by the forest boy Jack (Tom Cruise) and his elven allies in this magical fantasy. 

Why it's recommended: This film has it all - fantasy, romance, and Tim Curry may be the best screen version of the Devil to date. A bit of trivia, rumor has it that Legend is the inspiration for Shigeru Miyamoto's classic game series, The Legend of Zelda. You'll definitely earn some geek street cred with that tidbit or at least step up a lively debate. 

Little Shop of Horrors

Another classic. Nerdy flower shop employee, Seymour Krelborn (Rick Moranis), has a crush on his coworker, Audrey (Ellen Greene), who is involved with a sadistic dentist (Steve Martin). It appears that poor lonely Seymour finally catches a break when a mysterious new plant he found starts to talk and sing then promises him a better life. The plant in actuality is an alien who is bent on taking over the world. It manipulates Seymour into murdering for it in order to quench it's blood lust. Of course, the first victim is Audrey's dentist boyfriend.  Seymour quickly comes to his senses, saves the day, and gets the girl. 

Why it's recommended: Top-notch cast, top-notch writing, and above all else top-notch soundtrack. 
This is a movie that I believe everyone will enjoy and they don't have to be a musical geek. 

Chasing Amy

The story revolves around a comic book artist Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) who instantly falls for another artist Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams) when the two meet at a comic book convention. One major obstacle for Holden's amorous intentions, Alyssa is gay. Despite that fact though, a romance does blossom between them. Everything seems great until Holden discovers that his new girlfriend has a very promiscuous past and his insecurities consume him leading to the breakup of the relationship. 

Why its recommended: Probably one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies but definitely not his best. Still, a lot of elements depicted regarding relationships ring true and it should definitely get you and your date talking about whether or not either of you would have a similar reaction to any given situation in the film. There's also great one-liners from Jason Lee as Holden's best friend, Banky Edwards, who steals almost every scene he's in and perhaps one of the best all time rants regarding Star Wars.

The Fly 

This scifi horror film is about a brilliant scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) who woos journalist Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis) with the scoop of the century  - he's on the verge of perfecting teleportation and revolutionizing transportation as we know it. 
The characters' relationship takes a turn for the worst when Seth uses himself as a guinea pig during a teleport test run of a living creature and a house fly enters one of the transmisison pods. The result is the spellbinding metamorphosis of Brundle into Brundlefly.

Why it's recommended: The then real-life couple of Goldblum and Davis have a natural chemistry that translates well onto the screen. Yes, it is a horror movie but at its core its a tragic love story with an ending that will tug on your heartstrings. 

True Romance

Comic book store clerk, Clarence (Christian Slater), thinks he met the girl of his dreams, Alabama (Patricia Arquette), at a movie theater. Clarence finds out during their night of passion, Alabama admits that she is actually a prostitute hired to spend the night with, however, she confesses that she's fallen in love with him. The following morning they get married and what follows is an action-packed crime drama like no other. 

Why it's recommended: The performances by Slater and Arquette keep this movie from going overboard and the sparks between them are undeniable. Another highlight is Gary Oldman as Drexl Spivey, Alabama's pimp, which is one of the most memorable roles of his career. The film also boasts cameos galore by everyone from the late James Gandolfini ((The Sopranos) to Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis, and heck even Bronson Pinchot (Balki from Perfect Strangers) shows up as Clarence's actor buddy. All wrapped up in a screenplay brilliantly written by Quentin Tarantino with masterful direction by Tony Scott. I can't recommend this movie enough.

So that's it for my movie recommendations, friends. What are some of yours? We'd love to hear from you. So, please let us know which movies of your make it on your date night list. Thank you for reading. 

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