Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thoughts About C2E2 2016

The annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) occurred last weekend at the South Building in McCormick Place. Here are my thoughts about this year’s event.

As a whole, large scale conventions in the Midwest (especially those in the Chicagoland area) have lacked presence and support from well-known publishers – Marvel, Image, and DC – for the past two decades, however C2e2 is usually always the exception but this year was a huge disappointment for anyone expecting elaborate presentations from any of those companies. I guess the big two already know with both having blockbuster movies and comic event books on the horizon that they’re gonna get our money, right?
Sure, there were some MINOR announcements from Marvel about their upcoming Civil War II story arc but hardly noteworthy and every writer and artist in attendance that are currently/reportedly/assuming still in DC’s employ were mum about everything even general questions like, ‘Hey fill-in-the-name, what can fans expect in terms of overall tone when Rebirth is launched this June?’ The unanimous answer reply was, ‘You going to have to wait for WonderCon to get an answer.’ Image Comics in earlier years at C2E2 have had a huge booth that hawked their wares; t-shirts, figures, and comics but this year, instead, fans were treated to literally what appeared to be a 16 sq ft display.
It’s obvious that Funko gives a damn about their Midwest consumers.

The overall lack of publisher prominence was certainly made up for by the presence of comic talent. My two examples shown below:
Art Baltazar of Aw Yeah! Comics
Legendary DC Comics Artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Bottom Line: Despite Reedpop continuing to put on one heck of a comic-con for the Chicagoland and the greater Midwest region which is accented by the tremendously courteous staff and volunteers at McCormick Place, this show and the fans who attend it deserve to be treated to bigger and more prominent interaction with most of their favorite comic book publishers and toy companies with exclusives announcements and merchandise because this is after all “The con Chicago needs. The con you deserve!”
C2e2 will happen again during 04/21/17 – 04/23/17  at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL

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